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Thanks for coming to our online store.  This is where you can get the best values on the internet, the Garage-Coat and Industrial-Coat line of concrete floor coatings.  Both lines are made up of selections of high performance products.  The Garage-Coat line is packaged for smaller areas of 1000 sq ft or less.  The Industrial-Coat line is for big floors or when your doing multiple jobs.

Note: If you are ordering more than 150lbs of product you need to email, call, or fill out an inquiry form. These shipments usually ship cheaper via freight line.  Freight line rates cannot be obtained online so we need the form information to get you the lowest price.

California Residents: Because of air regulations the products we can sell into your state are limited.  Please consult our VOC page at our website before ordering.  We will not ship into areas that are not allowed under the regulations!

Contact us if you have any questions.

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